What to Take on Vacation: How to Pack the Right Way

Preparing for a trip is a responsible task. Grab everything you need and not make your suitcase heavier with unnecessary items - only tourism gurus can do this. To get closer to the ideal, you just need to make a list of all the necessary things in advance. So how to do it right?

In many ways, the list will depend on the trip's purpose and the destination's country. For example, it makes no sense to bring ski equipment with you to a summer resort, but it's still worth taking a warm sweater, even to southern countries. So, what should you take on a trip, what to take with you on a trip for one day, and what can you leave at home?


All items in our list can be confidently divided into two subgroups - important and those without, which you can do without. Focus on personal preferences when collecting.

Documents are the most important property, without which you should not go even on a short and not a long trip.

What to take on the road:

  • Identity card - for traveling around the country, an internal civil passport is enough, but if you are going abroad, be sure to take a passport;
  • A bank card is the most convenient and safe way to use money;
  • Documents for children;
  • Cash - prefer euros or dollars, which can be exchanged in any country in the world. If you expect a visa, set aside the money for it separately and without change.


A comfortable life for a modern person is impossible without technical devices. And it's not just smartphones and headphones. If you decide not to overload yourself with gadgets and devices, make sure that your smartphone turns into a universal assistant. Fill it with important applications - translator, maps, reader, notepad. Important! All installed applications should work without access to the Internet because anything can happen on a trip, and relying solely on online help is reckless. Finally, pair your smartphone with a charger.

Electronic assistants, you may need:

  • an external hard drive or a set of flash drives for storing information;
  • road iron;
  • laptop;
  • styling appliances (ironing iron, tongs, hair dryer);
  • small electric kettle;
  • adapter for sockets;
  • player;
  • camera and accessories for it (charging, flash drives, wardrobe trunk);
  • tripod, selfie stick;
  • electronic reader.

The list seems long, but in fact, even all these devices do not take up much space - one bag is enough to accommodate them. The laptop and its charger can be placed in a backpack or a special bag. Do the same with a large camera. Not always hotels have a hairdryer and a kettle - check if you need to take these devices or if they are available on-site.

Things To Make You Feel More Comfortable

Comfort during travel and leisure will allow you to eliminate many problems and spend time outside the home with pleasure. Of course, many of the things listed below can be easily abandoned. But with them - much more convenient.

What to take with you on a trip to feel at home:

  • a backpack or bag for walking the streets or for outings;
  • thermos for hot or cold liquids;
  • umbrella;
  • map, guide;
  • a book, a magazine for reading at the airport;
  • sleep mask, earplugs, inflatable pillow;
  • towel;
  • packages for things;
  • Sunglasses;
  • small folding knife;
  • sewing kit (needles, threads of different colors).
  • This list on the road can be adjusted, supplemented, or reduced. If you forget any of the above, there will be no big trouble. But such little things can help you spend time with the highest comfort and not spend extra money on buying a replacement on the spot.

Don't Forget

Any journey, regardless of its purpose and duration, must be safe. Take a first aid kit with you, filling it with the necessary drugs and accessories. Check if you can bring medicines with you, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases. When going camping, stock up on bandages, adhesive plasters, peroxide, disinfectants, and allergy medications.